About Us

LOVE SOLID © Spreading the Aloha lifestyle since 2011.

While traveling to Hawaii, the founders of LOVE SOLID © were inspired to create an uplifting brand that communicated the feelings of Aloha. To them, Aloha was the way the locals embraced one another –the way the inhabitants of the community lent a helping hand to their neighbors –it was driving down the street and throwing shakas to strangers!

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten,” -Lilo & Sitch. As humans, it is too often that we forget to care for others in our pursuit of happiness.

“I remember being in a fishing village and seeing a man come from the ocean with a stringer full of fish. As he walked up from the shore, he offered some fish to neighboring families to make sure they had dinner for the evening. This was a humbling moment in my life and was the seed to the clothing company we have created.” –V.Rossi, Founder.

It was in this moment that the name LOVE SOLID © was formed. While the founders contemplated using other names, ones such as Aloha Solid and Aloha Lifestyle, they ultimately agreed that the brand should spread the Aloha vibe beyond of the borders of the Hawaiian people. This brand is more than an island vibe, it’s not meant to be dedicated to a single culture or region. This brand is a way of life for anyone who chooses to live a life with love.

Their discoveries on this trip left them with overwhelming feelings of compassion, peace and comfort. With that being said, we are excited to bring to you LOVE SOLID ©, a brand created to represent and promote humanity at its finest.

ALOHA. Live, Love & Stay SOLID my friends!